Top 5 Mistakes In Developing SAP HANA Information Views

Top 5 Mistakes In Developing SAP HANA Information Views

The nuances of SAP HANA model development can be difficult to grasp. Small mistakes or deviations from best practice can result in massively increased run times and slow report runtimes. Understanding the different components of SAP HANA and how to use them can greatly enhance the front-end user’s productivity. Attend this session to see how to design SAP HANA models to ensure a sleek and optimized reporting, including:
• Best practice strategies to optimize SAP HANA models
• Real-world use cases and common development pitfalls that hinder performance of SAP HANA models, limit reporting capabilities, and reduce productivity
• Insights to utilize these strategies the right way the first time in SAP HANA
• Examples of both optimal and non-optimal SAP HANA models to gain a clearer perspective into how a proper SAP HANA model should be constructed

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