The Next Evolution of Spend Management

SAP Offers a Comprehensive Approach that Ties Together Every Source and Category of Spend in One Unified View, Allowing SAP Customers to Apply Intelligent Technologies and Connect Outside Their Four Walls

There are many variables that can complicate how SAP customers manage their spend, such as when significant portions of the workforce are external or when consumers have certain expectations for their travel and expense experience. Having a clear picture of every category of spend — whether that is travel, indirect, direct, or contingent labor and services spend — can help organizations create more collaborate commerce. As spend management has begun evolving toward Intelligent Spend Management where everything is integrated, insightful, and connected, SAP now offers an integrated solution suite for all spend management needs. After reading this article, you will:
- Understand the three pillars of SAP’s integrated approach to Intelligent Spend Management
- Discover the benefits of adopting an Intelligent Spend Management strategy
- Learn how this approach ties together every source and category of spend with one unified view and allows you to apply intelligent technologies and collaborate with your partners outside of your four walls.

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