Solenis to Shorten Customer Order Fulfillment from Weeks to Days with CAPEX App

Customer Equipment Team Will Use SAP Fiori App to Submit and Manage CAPEX Requests

Solenis ran CAPEX requests and approvals primarily through a legacy HCL Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) system, but the process crosses into several different systems, including Microsoft Excel, SAP ERP, and Salesforce. Unfortunately, this highly customized system ran a very loosely defined and documented process with no automated financial authority validations and limited visibility into the approvals process. It also had weak integration with Solenis’s SAP ERP system and lacked mechanisms for automated process reminders for the approvers, and mobile capabilities. Eventually, the team at Solenis decided to develop an application using SAP Fiori technology and run a PoC. A key benefit of the SAP Fiori app is that its user interface is optimized for both desktops and mobile devices, the need for which was a big driver behind Solenis’s project. Now, the senior managers can use the mobile version of the app together with IQX OneList, which empowers them to perform one-click approvals with all the necessary information. Read this SAPinsider Profile to learn how Solenis:
• Mapped and documented the CAPEX request process
• Worked with a variety of stakeholders to meet their needs
• Built strong integrations between the SAP Fiori app and the core SAP ERP
• Leveraged the third-party expertise of IQX to develop an innovative application

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