Surviving an SAP Audit — How to Keep the Auditors out of your Hair

This session will provide tips and practical advice that will enable you to not only survive an SAP audit but do so in a way that keeps your sanity and a smile on your face. You’ll learn about the different types of audits and how these might impact auditor expectations and you will come away with tips and tricks from a career auditor on how to work successfully with your auditor during the review. Join this session to:
Learn why one successful audit doesn't equate to a passing grade on the next one
- Get advice for what to do during an audit, including answer questions honestly, listen for and document risk concerns, respond with facts and alternatives, and describe both normal and exception processes
- Hear what not to do during an audit, including blaming a lack of resources, shading the truth, speculating on answers, or even falsifying evidence
- See examples of documentation and FAQs you can prepare in advance to reduce the time the audit will take

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Steve Biskie RSM
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Steve Biskie is a Director at RSM, where he leads the Center of Excellence for Risk Analytics & Automation and is one of RSM's SAP Champions. He has over 25 years of experience spanning all 3 Lines of Defense, and specializes in transforming inefficient and outdated processes and technologies to optimize GRC and audit performance. He has helped organizations from the middle-market to the Fortune 100 implement high-value, sustainable analytics and continuous monitoring programs. He has a passion for using technology to automate mundane, time-consuming tasks to allow organizations to re-focus attention on high-value, thoughtful, and data-informed analysis. Steve is a published author, an internationally-recognized speaker on risk and compliance-related topics, and a six-time IIA All-Star Speaker. He is the author of Surviving an SAP Audit, (SAP Press, 2010), and an expert reviewer for the book Security, Audit, and Control Features: SAP ERP (3rd & 4th Editions). Steve also teaches beginner through advanced SAP auditing courses through the MIS Training Institute, and has traveled to more than 14 countries to share his expertise.