Video: SAP SuccessFactors Leadership Discusses Diversity, Inclusion, and the Importance of HXM

During these times of change that are forcing workplaces to connect virtually and meetings often consume whole days for employees, it’s important to remember that we are all human and have lives outside of our computer and laptop screens. That’s just one piece of advice offered in this video interview where SAPinsider chatted with SAP SuccessFactors President Jill Popelka, SVP Meg Bear, and SVP Amy Wilson on topics related to diversity and inclusion. The three also share why Human Experience Management (HXM) matters now more than ever.

Other topics of the conversation included:

  • How bringing together different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences enables collaboration and inclusivity and makes SAP SuccessFactors better, makes its products and services better, and makes customers better too.
  • The idea that taking care of others – as well as ourselves – bringing empathy and humanity to the workplace, and connecting one on one can help everyone be the most productive on a personal and professional level
  • How leaders – who are creating an environment where people are working for half their lives — need to take feedback seriously to help employees achieve psychological fulfillment of their whole self and improve their well being