Employee Centric Workforce Management and your HXM Vision

With everything your employees are dealing with today, you need to make it easy for them to accomplish the transactions needed to ensure they are accurately paid and can easily access important benefits like time off and leave. Simplifying tasks related to traditional time and attendance processes can have a huge impact to employees work experience and frees up time so they can focus on what matters the most. To move your vision for HXM forward this session will help you to:

  • Determine how traditional workforce management systems like time and attendance can be re-imagined with the end user in mind
  • Utilize supercharged employee experiences to drive engagement and retention while still accurately capturing transactional data
  • Embed tools into historically transactional workflows to listen to employees and check-in on their wellbeing



Kathy Gawronski WorkForce Software
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Kathy joined WorkForce Software in 2014 as Director, Customer Value Program. Kathy’s experience spans both the buy and sell sides of technology– from leading software development teams to assisting companies in quantifying the value of a technology project. Her experience includes growing a for-profit analytics team at IHS Markit, and implementing marketing analytics at a $1B Learning Company. Before joining WorkForce Software, Kathy held previous Director and VP-level positions at Cengage Learning, IHS Markit, and MSX International. Kathy earned a Computer Science degree from the University of Michigan and a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business from the University of Wales.

Dan Hadley WorkForce Software
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Dan Hadley is the Director, Solution Consultants at WorkForce Software. Dan works with organizations across multiple verticals to align time, scheduling, and absence management capabilities to organizational business processes. Dan has worked with time management systems for over 15 years.