How to Automate and Transform End-to-End Shipment Processing in SAP

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To keep up with customer demand, many organizations are facing increased labor costs. Additionally, companies working with a disconnected shipping system are experiencing inefficient shipment processes and a lack of visibility into freighting costs.

However, businesses with access to automated shipment processing such as real-time rate quoting and track and trace capabilities have found success in reducing labor costs and consolidating resources. As such, manufacturing company A. O. Smith strategically revamped its process by digitally transforming their supply chain. How can you also achieve a digital supply chain transformation?

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  • How to use real-time track and trace capabilities to automate shipment processing for internal and external stakeholders
  • Ways to consolidate resources and reduce supply chain costs
  • How to automate end-to-end shipment processing in SAP
  • How to increase visibility on freight accruals and payments
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