Fast Track to SAP HANA with Nutanix & Approyo

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IT departments are expected to provide a flexible platform for the rigorous needs of SAP applications that allow for change and growth. Some organizations lookout to the public cloud providers, bringing in concerns over control and cost. How can an on-premise cloud be created that allows simplified provisioning, management, and growth? How can a sudden ask for resources be met quickly and easily? How can you transform your existing implementation over to refresh it, upgrade it, and set it ready for the future?

The platform solutions from Nutanix provide a centrally managed on-premise cloud for SAP and other applications. Along with Approyo, the fully SAP-certified platform’s characteristics of performance, and availability, are provided in a cloud-based model of provisioning and consumption.

Join us in a webinar with Jody Ellis, the SAP Architect at Nutanix, and Sean Gilmour, the CTO at Approyo, as they share tips to simplify SAP hosting by providing a cloud on-premise and guide you on ways to move legacy SAP applications easily and SAP HANA, over to the Nutanix platform while simplifying potential upgrades and migrations.

Attend this webinar to:
· Learn how HCI provides a cloud platform for SAP
· Know how to layout a timeline for legacy SAP, SAP HANA, and the path between
· Understand how your current systems can be upgraded

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Jody Ellis NUTANIX
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Jody is a Sr SAP architect at Nutanix, where she helps design deployments specific to each SAP customer’s needs. She has been working on SAP for over twenty years, most recently at Dell, and at SAP as a director of cloud infrastructure. Projects worked on include onboarding & offboarding cloud workloads, hybrid cloud deployments and migrations of both legacy and SAP HANA based implementations.

Sean Gilmour APPROYO
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Sean is a seasoned and successful technology professional with 25+ years of experience in developing advanced solutions, leading systems and technology integration, and managing global technical solutions for technology organizations. He uses his abilities by utilizing technical expertise to design, improve, debug, and deploy solution architectures and management software and leverages best practices to develop customized, cost-effective solutions to business problems. Sean is a proven leader adept in SAP Technologies, committed to implementing technology with company goals and delivering outstanding service.