Strategies, Tips, and Tricks to Accelerate SAP Testing End-to-End

Webinar - Thursday, July 15th - 11am EST

Organizations today stress the need for faster software delivery in higher quality and at reduced costs to stay competitive.

  • SAP environments are a common use case, but we know that testing SAP applications is no easy feat.
  • Our customers tell us that SAP testing can be tedious, fraught with errors, and hard to scale due to numerous integrations.
  • Add to that the challenges of migrating to SAP S/4HANA, and your testing efforts just doubled.

If you face these challenges and others, join this session with Avo Automation and learn how to tackle them with intelligent test automation

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Vidur Amin
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As the CEO of Avo Automation, Vidur believes in building high-performing, self-motivated teams that deliver one goal – making automation simple, intelligent, and resilient. With automation being the linchpin that triggers digital transformation, he firmly asserts that a Quality Automation System is more important than ever for organizations to re-imagine the way they do business. His passion to tap true human potential by helping them utilize their superpower of imagination is what drives Avo. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Finance from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and when not working, he flies planes (we're not kidding) or goes scuba diving.

Annalisa Camarillo
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Annalisa is a hands-on Silicon Valley marketing executive with over 20 years of experience succeeding in brand, content, and product marketing for high-growth software companies and startups. She specializes in turning content and digital marketing into lead generating engines that accelerate business growth. Her career includes board positions, co-authoring 2 books with acclaimed thought leaders, and several industry marketing awards for exceptional results that smash the status quo. Annalisa has completed graduate studies in business, marketing, and leadership from UC Berkeley.

Chris Horne
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