Powerful Integration Between Guardian by AlertEnterprise and SAP® SuccessFactors® Solutions

In today’s new normal, businesses must reassess how they manage workspace access and enforce security, safety, and privacy for their workforce. It gets even more complex as people move from onboarding to everyday access, transfer or make job changes, and eventually offboard. How can you manage transitions without compromising security, productivity, and experiences?

Guardian Integration with SAP SuccessFactors Overview

Guardian makes security, safety and data privacy part of your workforce hire-to-retire journey. In this video, get a first-hand look at how Guardian’s real-time integration with SAP SuccessFactors automates and streamlines workplace access for onboarding, transfer, job changes, and off-boarding scenarios.

Enabling a Safe and Healthy Return to Work

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How to ensure a safe workplace by automating the enforcement of health and safety guidelines.

This time of unprecedented change has triggered a tectonic shift in the way organizations have been dealing with the health, security & safety of their workforce. Leaders are realizing that they must stop operating in silos and embrace a holistic approach.  Enterprise response and recovery plans have become a major catalyst for converged security, as it has proven to be the most effective way to manage workspace access, enforce workforce security, safety and privacy.

Join AlertEnterprise’s Aamir Ghaffar, Director of Engineering Solutions as he demonstrates the Health & Safety Access Governance and Intelligence software modules that help businesses protect their workforce and return to work in a safe, secure and controlled way.

Aamir, leads the global solutions engineering team at AlertEnterprise and has over 10 years of experience as an enterprise software solutions technical sales leader. Mr. Ghaffar provides strategic and technical guidance on how AlertEnterprise solutions deliver positive business value for customers and partners

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Use technology to return employees back to a physical location in the safest way possible
  • Create frictionless and positive workspace access experiences  without compromising experience and productivity
  • Manage secure workspace access to high-risk individuals
  • Enforce health & safety policies around workforce access
  • Deliver self-service capabilities for employees, non-employees, visitors
  • Use workspace security data analytics to support policies for physical distancing and infection response



The New Math for Information Technology, Operational Technology and Physical Security for Secure Workforce and Workspace Access Management

Utilities are extra-critical infrastructures with complex security requirements. New sophisticated threats that live in both cyber and physical domains stand poised and ready to attack—with potential, ongoing risk to IT, Operational Technology (OT), and Physical Security. Addressing these escalating threats requires a new formula and approach where 1 + 1 + 1 equals 0. With the objective of zero compliance violations and a new level of security, a converged solution is the best way to close the security gaps and deliver automated policy and compliance enforcement.

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Advanced Workforce and Workspace Intelligence, Identify and Access Management and Forward-Looking Financial Enterprises

In spite of continued spending on technologies and initiatives, security incidents at financial institutions continue to rise, evidenced by escalating high-profile external and insider-led attacks. Security experts agree that the current approach of dealing with security in departmental silos is leading to increased risk, rising security costs and a climate of mistrust on the part of the regulators, who remain frustrated with recurring breaches.

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Future-Ready Security for the Modern External Workforce

Today’s external workforce includes many nontraditional work arrangements, including independent contractors, temporary workers, online task contract workers, freelancers, service delivery contract workers, on-call contract workers, subcontractor workers and others. Recent studies estimate that 16.51 to 56.7 million U.S. workers work outside traditional employer-employee arrangements. And more than one-third have an external job as a primary or secondary job.

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Digital Disruption Transforms Traditional Metrics

Today’s digital transformation means limitless opportunity for those who can harness the digitization of our physical world safely and effectively. But the transformation has forever altered the threat landscape, leaving no entity without risk. Cyber and physical threats have blended, the result of our new everything IP-connected environment. The growing internet of Things (loT), with billions of connected devices predicted in the coming years, is further driving an exponential explosion of cyber-physical risk. Smart cities, autonomous vehicles, drones and robotics are the next inflection point. Any system compromised can have a devastating impact on security, critical operations, profitability and reputation.

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Security is the New Business Enabler to Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation

As digital technology dramatically improves the economics and capabilities of every business, Digital Transformation or DX, is a quest for high-performance companies to gain further efficiencies/improve operational metrics and pull ahead of their competition. Recent studies found using hardware, software, algorithms and the internet DX is 10xs cheaper and faster to engage customers, create offerings, harness partners and operate business. It is now the job of digital-minded business leaders to apply rules to engage, compete and grow.

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Converged Security Solutions for the Prevention of Insider Threat and Bioterrorism

Securing our most important critical resource—the food supply chain—means correlating threats across underlying HR, IT, Physical Security and Operational Technology used in production and processing. AlertEnterprise links to specialized plant applications like MES, plant historians and demand management from ERP that can deliver information directly to production. Monitoring insider and contractor access to modifying batch recipes detects when the addition of a preservative has been suppressed, causing a contaminated batch to be produced.

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