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Business Continuity

Demystifying options for Deploying SAP S/4HANA on the Cloud

Speakers: Bhuvan Wadwa

The move to SAP S/4HANA is an excellent opportunity to consider your ERP strategy and the cloud. There are many choices, and it pays to understand them. Wherever you decide to deploy—on-premise, cloud, or hybrid—SAP S/4HANA provides a complete and consistent choice. This talk will support your efforts to:

  • Get educated about the choices you have for deployment
  • Determine how to make the choice that is right for your business
  • See how cloud can accelerate SAP S/4HANA even if you deploy on-premise

  • Tips and Tricks to secure SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori

    Speakers: Rama Kotni

    Want to better understand what’s changing with SAP S/4HANA and how access to database, application, and presentation layers can be secured? Take advantage of new SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori functionality (and tips and tricks for securing them) based on recent SAP S/4HANA implementations. You’ll understand SAP S/4HANA architecture and the impact on security and controls requirements at the database, application, and SAP Fiori interface layers. We will explore:

  • Different security strategies to secure access to SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori and how to choose the right option to meet your organization requirements
  • Tips and tricks from recent SAP S/4HANA implementations and common pitfalls to avoid
  • Details about the generation of segregation of duties (SoD) reports via GRC at the role- and user- level and how SAP Fiori components can be embedded within the GRC SoD rule set

  • BlackLine & Central Finance: A Sweet Success for The Hershey Company

    Speakers: John Zimmerman, Director, Financial Data Systems, The Hershey Company; Molly Boyle, Finance Transformation Expert, BlackLine; Jarred Rutherford, SAP Value Architect, BlackLine

    The Hershey Company initiated a finance transformation to enable its strategic initiatives. The project centered on moving to SAP S/4HANA cFIN, but a need was identified for additional solutions to address manual processes. Early on, Hershey implemented SAP Account Substantiation and Automation by BlackLine to bring visibility, standardization, and control to its financial processes. With Central Finance up and running, the company sought automation and best practices and is expanding its use of BlackLine for end-to-end transformation. Hear how Hershey is carrying out its vision to modernize traditional processes. You’ll hear:

  • Hershey’s strategy for selecting technology
  • How BlackLine solutions can be a catalyst for moving to SAP S/4HANA or SAP Central Finance
  • Automation uses cases with BlackLine solutions
  • Initial results and next steps in the transformation journey

  • What's new in Access Governance: Implications for identity access management and access control

    Speakers: Sarma Adithe, Chief Product Owner , SAP

    Most SAP customers have significant investments in their on-premise landscape, including a high level of compliance and governance, thanks to identity access management and governance solutions. But what happens to these solutions once you move to the cloud and need to manage access across the landscape—all at the same time? Join us to get intel on:

  • Understanding the different offerings and options for managing access and identity across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Learning how to make the right decisions for which solution you use depending on your requirements
  • Discovering how to protect your current investment in access and identity management solutions while preparing for your move to the cloud

  • Make Fast, Confident Decisions with SAP Analytics Cloud

    Speakers: Dave Williams

    The ability to make good business decisions quickly can make or break your organization. SAP Analytics Cloud brings business intelligence (BI), augmented analytics, and planning capabilities together in a single solution so you have everything you need to make fast, confident decisions for your business all in one place. Attend this session and learn how SAP Analytics Cloud is different from other BI, analytics, and planning products in the market. You will:

  • Get an overview of the key capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Discover how customers are deriving value from the solution today
  • Learn what’s on the horizon in terms of planned new features

  • Moving to SAP S/4HANA: The Benefits for Finance

    Speakers: David Omerod

    Although SAP S/4HANA has been available for over five years and been deployed at thousands of customer sites, not everyone is aware of all the potential benefits that it brings to finance departments that are currently using SAP ECC. There is much to learn and many questions to be answered. Attend this session for an easy-to-understand primer covering everything finance needs to know to make the transition. Topics include: What SAP S/4HANA isHow it differs from SAP ECC. The various options that organizations have when moving to SAP S/4HANA.


    Data readiness and preparation for your SAP S/4HANA implementation

    Speakers: Don Loden

    To develop a sound and scalable data foundation, it is critical to start with a clear understanding of your current data landscape. Empower yourself and your team as we will share the key activities that lead to a successful outcome. Enrich your toolkit with:

  • Access to team dynamics from execution to ownership
  • The building blocks for a data readiness assessment (DRA)
  • Key decision factors for data management and conversion

  • Case Study: Eli Lilly and Company's tips for troubleshooting SAP Process Control and using CCMs

    Speakers: Emily Damson

    Can’t-miss case study! Understand how Eli Lilly and Company is using SAP Process Control Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM) to monitor compliance, automate control performance, and check for system issues:

  • Benefit from tips and tricks learned through real-word experience.
  • Understand how Lilly is using CCM to automate control performance and improve the auditability of controls
  • Learn about business rules that have been put in place to ensure that the system is working as expected
  • Learn of GRC 12.0 features that have improved our use of CCMs
  • Take home examples of CCMs that Lilly is using today
  • Learn of examples of key reports used for troubleshooting issues

  • Discover what's new - SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3

    Speakers: Eric Fenallossa

    You know there’s an upcoming release of the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Platform. Support this change with a demo-rich showcase of the latest and greatest capabilities, such as a redesigned launchpad and workspace, a new SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence software designer, new visualizations, updated data sources, and deployment support. It’s imperative to discover the enhancements and key improvements for administrators and content consumers.


    SAP GRC Access Control 12.0 and SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance

    Speakers: James Roeske

    You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Explore the details of functionality, differentiators, and important platform aspects in the latest SAP GRC On-Premise and Cloud provisioning, and compliance solutions. You will gain insight into the SAP Compliance applications of SAP GRC Access Control 12.0 and SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance. Learn which application, platform, and functionality is best for your current and long-term compliance and provisioning requirements. Add this webinar to your agenda and:

  • Learn the wide selection of functionality available in GRC AC 12.0 and IAG.2Explore the differences been the On Premise GRC Access Control 12.0 and SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance products that can provide compliance solutions for both near and long-term requirements
  • Receive a detailed analysis of the Technical Platform and User Interface differences between the two applications to enhance usability and end user adoption
  • Detail key ROI and application differentiators that you need to consider while determining which solution is best for you
  • Explore integration points between the on premise and cloud compliance applications which provides a holistic Compliance and provisioning solution

  • How to perform a master data conversion for more accurate product costing and management reporting

    Speakers: Ashish Katayan

    Finance professionals and SAP customers can face several challenges to maintain accurate product costing and inventory valuation as their organizations implement SAP S/4HANA. In this session, learn the leading practices for performing master data conversion in an SAP S/4HANA implementation, while ensuring that your standard cost rollup and inventory valuation matches that of your legacy system. Benefits include:

  • Tips to confirm that the inventory valuation in your legacy system matches with a minimal revaluation impact
  • Learning how to confirm that your product costing data is acceptable for management reporting at period end
  • Walking through a checks and balances process to confirm that your data aligns once the conversion is complete
  • Acquiring data validation rules to confirm completeness and accuracy of data

  • SAP Security – Building a mature program to meet tomorrow’s SAP S4/HANA Opportunities

    Speakers: Ian Anderson, OGE Energy Corp; Juan Pablo Perez Etchegoyen, Onapsis

    Many companies are preparing to migrate to SAP S/4HANA, or migrating to cloud-based infrastructure, or deploying new data warehouses. These changes are forcing organizations to re-examine approaches to SAP Security, as the traditional model of managing roles and responsibilities is no longer enough to meet the current threats. The skills required to meet today’s security-related SAP challenges include vulnerability and patch management, user and administrator behavior management, audit and compliance management, and secure coding practices. What will you need?

  • Learn how to build an SAP Security program that measures and appropriately responds to issues from a risk perspective
  • Understanding of how to create opportunities to detect malicious insiders or better monitor third party BASIS support teams
  • Visibility into how to build processes around custom coding and how to introduce only safe code to SAP environments
  • Empowerment for audit teams to gain the information they need to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and corporate policies

  • Case Study: Data architecture methods used by American Red Cross for self-service BI hybrid rollout

    Speakers: Ken Coleman

    Need technical instruction using examples from SAP Analytics Cloud connected to a Business Objects universe? This unique case study offers data architecture methodologies that will help BI developers overcome common roadblocks while implementing self-service projects when they are based on complex and large data sets. You will:

  • Learn why dimensional models still work
  • Understand when to use ‘Import’ vs ‘Live Query’ within an SAP Analytics Cloud hybrid scenario using a Business Objects universe as a data source
  • Receive a simple methodology for building high performing aggregate tables
  • Discover how using Lumira Designer can be used as a self-service BI tool
  • Benefit from other data architecture techniques and lessons learned

  • GRC Spotlight Session: SAP solutions for governance, risk, compliance and security

    Speakers: Kevin Mccollom and Vishal Verma, Head of Solution Management, Risk, Compliance, and Tax

    In these uncertain times, strong Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and Digital Trust matter more than ever. Customers, employees, business partners, regulatory authorities and investors demand that enterprises execute principled stewardship and operate with the utmost transparency, security, and ethical standards as they navigate troubled waters. Learn how SAP GRC is helping enterprises respond quickly to current crises as well as providing a basis for ongoing Principled Performance©. ©-Registered copyright of OCEG.


    Case Study: Learn how Cyxtera improved their everyday finance posting processes

    Speakers: Manuel Pol Rios, Cyxtera; Daniel Pulgaron, Cyxtera

    Manual journal entries and having appropriate supporting documentation tend to be issues with most finance teams due to lack of automation and tools. With the flexibility and functional ability of Z Option’s GLSU solution, you will see how Cyxtera was able to overcome obstacles such as these by providing a user-friendly solution that automates some of the repetitious month-end close tasks. Learn how to customize templates that meet the needs or your organization’s journal entry processes. You will:

  • Learn how GLSU can automate your documentation process by attaching source documents and any other document you need
  • See how GLSU can assist in more complete journal entries and standardize the processes amongst team members
  • Experience the flexibility of creating templates that meet the needs of YOUR organization
  • Learn about the ease of implementation and identify the time savings that will allow more time for decision making

  • Alphabet’s SAP Finance Transformation Journey on Google Cloud

    Speakers: Jannie Affeld, Director for Corporate Engineering, Alphabet/Google

    The world’s 17th largest company, Alphabet, shares its real-life experiences implementing SAP Finance on Google Cloud. Learn about why Alphabet felt the need to transform Finance, the holistic business case created for this activity plus guiding principles for the effort. Get a glimpse into the program structure, challenges the team encountered and how they tackled stakeholder management. Learn about the program success plus key innovations that Google Cloud and SAP continue to drive that will improve results even further in the future. You will gain lessons learned from Alphabet’s SAP Finance journey to the cloud and learn:

  • How to create a business case for SAP Finance transformation
  • How to manage scope, program challenges and stakeholder concerns
  • Key SAP and Google Cloud collaborations that are driving innovation

  • Optimizing Global Payments in SAP S/4HANA

    Speakers: Sarah Fletcher, Solutions ArchitectSerrala; Bill North, Vice President, Serrala

    As the world of payments becomes faster and more complex, using state-of-the-art technology is essential. Intelligent automation, cloud, and managed services are playing a vital role in helping companies to address sophisticated international payment challenges, including detecting and preventing fraud attempts, using a payment factory to control the payment processes of all subsidiaries of large companies, and simplifying support bank connections and protocols. This session will provide guidance on:

  • How to centralize bank connections and communications in SAP systems to simplify payments across multiple banks and bank accounts
  • Automating payment processes using SAP as a payment factory that can handle all payment formats, (ISO 20022 XML CGI, local formats) and bank protocols (EBICS, H2H, FTX, SWIFT)
  • Understanding how to implement automatic fraud and compliance checks that maximize security and compliance

  • Aligning the vision of "Finance of the Future" on SAP's Digital Core

    Speakers: Saugata Ghosh, PwC

    What is your future vision for your Finance and Accounting functions? Learn from PwC's independent research on the best practices of top performing finance functions. You will benefit from:

  • Hearing how high performing finance organizations focus on efficiency, compliance and insights
  • Learning how technology is playing a key role
  • Understanding SAP’s latest innovation and product evolution In this session, learn to draw upon techniques that align capabilities and value from SAP's digital core to take steps towards your company's future finance function well beyond 2030.

  • Surviving an SAP audit — How to keep the auditors out of your hair

    Speakers: Steve Biskie

    Looking for tips and practical advice that will enable you to not only survive an SAP audit, but do so in a way that keeps your sanity and a smile on your face? You’ll learn about the different types of audits and how these might impact auditor expectations. You will come away with tips and tricks from a career auditor on how to collaborate with your auditor during the review. Log in and:

  • Learn why one successful audit doesn't equate to a passing grade on the next one
  • Get advice for what to do during an audit, including answer questions honestly, listen for and document risk concerns, respond with facts and alternatives, and describe both normal and exception processes
  • Hear what not to do during an audit, including blaming a lack of resources, shading the truth, speculating on answers, or even falsifying evidence
  • See examples of documentation and FAQs you can prepare in advance to reduce the time the audit will take

  • Case Study: How Jabil is transforming SAP governance using robotic process automation

    Speakers: Susan Zortea

    As part of the maturing of the the governance processes at Jabil, the company leveraged several automation techniques to reduce manual tasks and streamline repetitive activities. The governance team employed robotic process automation (RPA) technology and the use of standard web services to automate various activities. This session shares specific examples of how RPA and web services are being used at Jabil to support SAP Access Control governance tasks. Attendees will:

  • Identify access control processes that can be automated using RPA and web services
  • Gain an understanding of how RPA and web services can be integrated with SAP Access Control
  • Understand how to make a case for operational efficiency and improve risk posture
  • See specific examples of how RPA and web services are being used to support Access Control governance tasks
  • Identify Access Control processes that can be automated using RPA and web services
  • Obtain specific examples and use cases where RPA is being used to automate GRC tasks

  • Case Study: Preparing your ECC for SAP S/4HANA

    Speakers: Tammy Powlas

    Learn about free things you can do now to prepare for the journey to SAP S/4HANA, including archiving your data, customer-vendor integration and more. As a customer you can take advantage of some SAP services to help you along. Learn key steps to do before you make your migration to SAP S/4HANA.


    Case Study: The path to a successful Central Finance implementation

    Speakers: Tony Rogan, Accenture

    Looking for answers? Learn about Accenture's approaches to a Central Finance implementation. Gain insights on the critical key success and complexity factors with client case studies. This session will include detailed central finance lessons learned, including initial load approach and ongoing replication and reconciliation.


    Maximize your GRC data and improve compliance reporting with SAP Process Control

    Speakers: Javier Turrubiartes

    SAP customers are looking to improve reporting across all areas of the business, and GRC reporting is a key business area of focus. While there are many great reporting solutions out there, SAP Process Control is one that offers built-in reporting capabilities. Take away guidance and tips on how to improve the existing reporting capabilities that SAP Process Control offers. Topics include:

  • The various reporting capabilities included with SAP Process Control
  • How to get the most out of all the data stored in the SAP Process Control system
  • How SAP Process Control can help organizations build a robust compliance program

  • Tips to successfully transition from costing-based to account-based CO-PA

    Speakers: Paul Ovigele

    The move to SAP S/4HANA will involve a move away from costing-based controlling and profitability analysis (CO-PA) toward account-based CO-PA. Learn how account-based CO-PA is integrated with the SAP S/4HANA Universal Journal, and walk through the considerations associated with a transition from costing-based to account-based CO-PA. Attend this session to:

  • Learn how to view numerous CO-PA reporting fields within the Universal Journal and how to easily validate the numbers in the General Ledger
  • Understand what you need to watch out for when switching from costing-based to account-based CO-PA, and how you can still utilize costing-based CO-PA simultaneously
  • Watch a demo of a CO-PA report and how you can easily navigate between various reporting dimensions
  • Learn how to perform a fast-close by using the new real-time derivation functionality

  • A step-by-step guide to build an SAP S/4HANA implementation business case

    Speakers: Dr. Heiko Hecht

    You should attend this session if you want to evaluate your current SAP usage, trying to improve your business processes, plan an SAP upgrade or SAP S/4HANA implementation. We will demonstrate how you can accelerate your project planning and execution based on lessons learned, best practices and real-life examples for ERP, BW, SAPS/4HANA and DSCM. You will:

  • Discover how to build a business case and a roadmap for your SAP S/4HANA project using SAP’s Top programs, assessments, accelerators and tools
  • Learn how to establish your SAP S/4HANA roadmap, how to validate the best deployment approach for your organization and understand the different roles and responsibilities in your SAP S/4HANA project
  • Review common project pitfalls, diversions and how to mitigate the risk in your SAP projects by identifying your true system and process health
  • Hear about SAP’s top programs, assessments, accelerators, tools, how they align and receive detailed demos of the SAP STAR process, output and deliverables

  • Connect your intelligent enterprise seamlessly with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

    Speakers: Christopher Aaron

    Learn how SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite offers a variety of ways to securely integrate your SAP and non-SAP applications whether they reside in the cloud or on premise. Discover how SAP’s integration capabilities enable you to:

  • Manage APIs, data transfers, processes, and events in real time across your landscape with an open, flexible, and scalable framework
  • Access a broad catalog of pre-packaged integration flows, which ensures best practices and optimal implementation
  • Provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity

  • How to get the most out of using the SAP Security Audit Log – from configuration to monitoring

    Speakers: Bill Oliver

    SAP customers know they need to monitor and report on system user activities and events, but they don’t always know which types of activities to monitor or which features provide the best auditing capabilities. This session introduces the key features of the SAP security audit log, which records security-related system information such as unsuccessful logon attempts, changes to user master records, and remote function calls (RFCs). The SAP security audit log keeps a record of these activities for your review and investigation. By attending this session, you will gain a comprehensive overview of what the SAP security audit log is, how to configure it, and how best to use it. You will:

  • Walk through the configuration steps for setting up the SAP security audit log and understand the best ways to report and monitor the events.
  • Gain an understanding on what types of activities can and should be monitored: unsuccessful transaction starts, RFC calls to function modules, unsuccessful RFC logon attempts, and unsuccessful logon attempts
  • Learn what filters you can place on the logs to get the best result: client, user names, RFC calls, and transaction starts
  • Discover the best ways of selling the use of the SAP security audit log to senior management

  • Explore what’s new and roadmap plans for SAP Solution Manager

    Speakers: John Krakowski

    Find out how you can gain better business and IT alignment with new improvements to SAP Solution Manager with the latest capabilities to streamline business processes, discover improvement options, increase operational efficiency and minimize risk within your maintenance agreement using SAP’s flagship on-premise application lifecycle management platform. Review the most recent and planned features and understand how the SAP Customer Connection program influences future enhancements. Also, learn about and discuss the long-term direction and vision for the SAP Solution Manager platform.

  • Examine the powerful capabilities that are key for your transition to SAP S/4HANA
  • Review the key trends and impacts in business and technology
  • Discuss the critical business and IT needs, today and tomorrow
  • Understand the value proposition for your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise

  • Top Finance and Risk Priorities for Business Continuity During Economic Disruption

    Speakers: Stephanie Miller

    Join this introductory session to understand how current economic disruption has impacted organizations, and hear from customers and SAP regarding what projects in Finance and Risk they are prioritizing. In this track we will discuss the business challenges you are facing today and how SAP partners BlackLine, Bramasol and Protiviti can address those challenges today with various strategies and quick wins.


    Effectively Managing SAP Security Risks in the Modern World

    Speakers: Vijan Patel, Director, Protiviti; John Scaramucci, Associate Director, Protiviti: Erin Hughes, Cybersecurity solution advisor, NA CIO Office, SAP

    Economists believe that current global events may have forever changed how our workforce operates. Remote access, application access requests, and cyber threats are all areas that have increased volume as employees turned to a remote work arrangement. This session will focus on using automation to gain efficiencies in your security processes and improve the effectiveness of your security controls, all while decreasing the level of effort. You will:

  • Learn to take advantage of Access Control to get users access quicker while increasing compliance
  • Learn about cyber risks when exposing your SAP environment to the internet and how to assess with tools like Enterprise Threat Detection and protect against them
  • Understand that compliance isn’t going away. Learn how to automate using continuous monitoring tools like Access Violation Management and Process Control to test 100% of your transactions and only review exceptions

  • Leveraging SAP Risk Management and Process Control to Streamline Enterprise Risk Management in a Virtual Environment

    Speakers: Steve Apel, Director, Protiviti; Brittany Dyslin, Senior Manager, Protiviti; Peter Creal, Senior Director, SAP

    As companies transition to a virtual environment, the need to address risk and compliance concerns remain. In fact, new challenges and opportunities will continue to present themselves over the short and long-term. SAP Risk Management and SAP Process Control are two solutions uniquely positioned to enable and automate key Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) activities. You will:

  • Gain an understanding of how to develop a framework for an effective ERM program
  • Learn how SAP Risk Management can be used to manage end-to-end ERM processes
  • Learn how to automate compliance management and optimize control testing with SAP Process Control
  • Discover how to leverage continuous monitoring of controls, assess potential risk impacts and track the effectiveness of risk responses using reports and analytics

  • Planning for the Unplanned: See how SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Can Enable Predictive Forecasting in a Volatile Market

    Speakers: Steve Freeman, David Bath

    In today’s dynamic climate, one thing is for certain — we can’t plan based on last year’s results. Accurate, flexible, iterative and timely planning is critical. Sales forecasts fluctuate daily, and business conditions can change weekly. We must adapt to current facts and model numerous scenarios to be prepared for what lies ahead. This session will focus on how companies are adapting to the new business climate and will provide valuable insight to real-time forecasting and planning techniques. You will:

  • Learn how to leverage Scenario Management to anticipate and plan for hundreds of potential conditions
  • See how embedded collaboration capabilities enable quick decisions in a virtual office environment
  • Understand how Predictive Analytics replaces “tribal knowledge” and “past performance” as the main driver of forecast accuracy

  • Managing Cash and Risk in Times of Economic Disruption

    Speakers: John Froelich, Julio Dalla Costa, Kim Dowling

    During these challenging economic times, the focus on managing cash and cash risk are even more important. We will discuss four types of risk and hone in on financial risk, exploring specific actions you can take with SAP Treasury and Cash Management to mitigate and manage financial risk. We will discuss establishing firm foundation of knowing where your cash is and how to leverage SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity, Bank Account Management and other tools to get a view of your cash position, implement straight through processing and save time and money. You will:

  • Learn the four types of risk
  • Understand how you can get a complete view of you cash position and consolidate bank balance views using SAP MBC
  • Learn from practitioners about how challenges they faced in managing cash
  • Gain a perspective on how to establish straight through processing

  • Conserve Cash and Improve EBITDA through Active Lease Management

    Speakers: John Froelich, Julio Dalla Costa, Carlo Maglinao and Shirish Khandekar

    One of the most highly affected areas of finance in today’s crisis is lease and lease management. With dozens of companies, like Cheesecake Factory and others, canceling leases for stores or others canceling fleet or other movable leases, the impact of implementing those changes is monumental. In this webinar we will talk about some of the events occurring today, the impact to the balance sheet and income statement and how active lease management can save you money on impairments and evergreens through active lease management. You will:

  • Learn about the impacts of today’s economic disruption to leases
  • Get a view of the specific impacts to the balance sheet of having to revalue leases
  • Hear about the complex calculations required to re-amortize and re-value leases
  • Learn about impairments and evergreen leases and their impact to cash flow
  • Learn about how SAP CLM helps you take control of your lease portfolio

  • Getting Better Every Day: Brighthouse Financial’s Continuous Improvement Journey with BlackLine

    Speakers: Molly Boyle, Financial Transformation Expert, BlackLine; Jacob Bokor, Director, Accounting Operations, Brighthouse Financial

    After spinning off from MetLife in late 2016, Brighthouse Financial began a search for best of breed technology to meet its business needs as a standalone organization. Brighthouse selected SAP S/4HANA as its ERP and identified SAP Account Substantiation and Automation by BlackLine as the right fit to address multiple financial close processes previously performed in multiple vendor systems. By focusing on visibility and accountability first, the Brighthouse Finance team achieved quick wins and gained momentum for future automation and transformation. As the organization adjusted to closing with a fully remote workforce, Brighthouse was able to manage and execute tasks virtually with BlackLine. Attend this session to hear how:

  • BlackLine enables a virtual close and provides quick wins
  • Brighthouse selected BlackLine solutions to complement SAP S/4HANA
  • BlackLine provided visibility and stronger controls to month-end at Brighthouse
  • Brighthouse added automation to previously manual daily reconciliations

  • How Hubbell Modernized Accounting and Transitioned to Closing Virtually

    Speakers: Sue Mozdzer, Finance Transformation Leader, Hubbell Inc. Molly Boyle, Financial Transformation Expert, BlackLine, Michael Gilmartin, VP Value Architecture, BlackLine

    Hubbell, Inc. is a global designer, manufacturer, and seller of innovative electrical and electronic products and a long-time customer of SAP and BlackLine. With SAP S/4HANA up and running as its ERP, Hubbell set out to further automate its financial close processes. From managing reconciliations and tasks to matching of millions of transactions automatically, Hubbell optimized its processes with BlackLine’s platform of cloud solutions. When forced to quickly transition to a fully virtual close, Hubbell used BlackLine solutions to adapt quickly and successfully. Attend this session to hear how:

  • Balance sheet substantiation laid the foundation for Hubbell’s use of BlackLine solutions
  • Leadership conducted workshops, in partnership with BlackLine, to identify additional automation opportunities.
  • Hubbell is using BlackLine to document and facilitate key SOX controls
  • SAP Intercompany Financial Hub by BlackLine benefits Hubbell’s M&A strategy and provides a simple, proactive approach to intercompany processes
  • BlackLine enabled a successful virtual close with a fully remote accounting team

  • Erin Hughes

    Cybersecurity solution advisor, NA CIO Office


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    Peter Creal

    Senior Director


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    John Scaramucci

    Associate Director


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    Steve Apel



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    David Bath


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    Michael Gilmartin

    VP Value Architecture


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    Molly Boyle

    Financial Transformation Expert


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    Bhuvan Wadwa

    Senior Director, SAP Digital Core Marketing


    Bhuvan Wadhwa is a member of SAP’s global product marketing team and has been with SAP for over nine years. He has worked closely with SAP partners and the SAP Services team and has extensive knowledge of software implementation, Service & Support portfolios, and business transformation.

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    Rama Kotni

    Senior Manager


    Rama Krishna Kotni is a Senior Manager in the Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP. Rama has over 15 years of experience in the areas of SAP S/4HANA, Fiori and ECC Application Security design, assessment and implementation, SAP business process controls design and review, SAP GRC Access Control and Process Control design and implementation. Rama is current leading automation initiative which includes building RPA bots in the areas of security, GRC and controls that helps clients in upgrading to SAP S/4HANA. Rama is a regular speaker at prominent conferences such as SAP GRC Conference, IIA conferences etc.

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    John Zimmerman, Director, Financial Data Systems, The Hershey Company;

    John M. Zimmerman is Director, Financial Data Systems. In this position, he provides leadership and direction to ensure global financial data reliability, control and integrity surrounding technical and process solutions. He is responsible for the development, deployment and maintenance of Hershey’s financial processes. Additionally, Zimmerman is responsible for all aspects of global financial master data, ensuring adequate control over financial information interfacing across Hershey’s systems environment as well as executing Hershey’s financial system security strategy. He also coordinates and manages Hershey’s financial close and consolidation. Zimmerman joined The Hershey Company in 1997. Before joining Financial Data Systems, he was the Senior Audit Manager within Hershey’s Internal Audit Department.

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    Jarred Rutherford, SAP Value Architect, BlackLine


    Jarred Rutherford is a BlackLine Value Architect with over 6 years of experience in technology and finance transformation. His prior experience also includes Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, and utilizing SAP and BlackLine as best in class accounting solutions. Jarred enjoys working with and advising organizations on how to achieve a world class close process for finance and accounting professionals.

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    Sarma Adithe

    Chief Product Owner


    Sarma Adithe is Chief Product Owner for Access Governance responsible for overall SAP Access Control & SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance product development. He has over 25 years of experience out of which 13+ years in Access Controls domain. Sarma’s focus area at SAP is Access Governance, as well as technical expertise in SAP Authorizations, Java, and Mobile. Sarma is directly involved in customer interactions, Co-Innovation, and Customer connect on topics related to Access Governance Solutions.

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    Dave Williams

    VP of Product Marketing


    David Williams is Vice President of Product Marketing for SAP’s Enterprise Planning Apps, part of the SAP Analytics portfolio. David and his team work closely with the product management and development teams that create the applications as well as with customers and prospective customers - providing insight into product features and benefits, and market trends. You can often find David at events discussing the merits of using SAP’s Analytics solutions and showcasing customer examples. Prior to joining SAP, David spent a number of years at Business Objects, Crystal Decisions, and Cognos in a variety of roles including product management, market intelligence, and strategic marketing.

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    David Omerod

    Global Head of CFO Enablement and Event Strategy


    David Ormerod is responsible for making a difference by delivering Global demand generation programs and ensuring the Finance field sales team — from New Hires to experienced veterans—are enabled with the leading-edge market and solution information they need to further grow SAP’s leadership position in the market.

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    Don Loden

    Director, Data & Analytics


    Don Loden is director, data & analytics at Protiviti with full life cycle data warehouse development experience in multiple verticals. He is an SAP-certified application associate on SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator and he speaks globally at numerous SAP, ASUG, and SAPinsider conferences. He has authored many articles and reports in various industry publications, and has more than twelve years of information management experience in the following areas: ETL architecture, development, and tuning, logical and physical data modeling, and mentoring on data warehouse, data quality and data governance concepts. You can follow Don on Twitter at @donloden and you can contact Don by email at don.loden@protiviti.com.

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    Emily Damson

    ELI Lilly

    Emily Damson is the SAP Security and Controls Architect at Eli Lilly and Company. She is responsible for the SAP GRC Process Control solution at Eli Lilly and Company, and works with a wide range of business partners to automate the performance of SOX, SOD or operational controls across our organizations, reduce manual effort and better identify potential issues within our SAP systems. She also has shared responsibility for the global governance and oversight of the SAP security as it relates to financial functions within Eli Lilly.

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    Eric Fenallossa

    Head of Product Management, Augmented Analytics


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    James Roeske


    Customer Advisory Group

    James is a renowned GRC and Security speaker, practitioner, and advocate since 1997. James founded firms that became the de facto implementers of SAP GRC, post-acquisition of Virsa Systems by SAP. With 260+ customer consultations, James has developed unique insight on a wide range of customer GRC and Security journeys from assessment to adoption and implementation. James’ 22 years as Auditor, SAP Security, and Compliance practitioner present invaluable insight to clients.

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    Ashish Katayan


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    Ian Anderson

    Manager of Enterprise Security

    OGE Energy

    Ian Anderson is a Security Manager for OGE Energy Corp, the holding company for Oklahoma Gas & Electric (a regulated utility). Ian has experience in government, energy, financial, and manufacturing industries. Ian's team are responsible for cyber security operations across both IT and OT environments. Ian received his bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma, and currently maintains various cyber security related certifications.

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    Juan Pablo Perez Etchegoyen


    "As CTO, JP leads the innovation team that keeps Onapsis on the cutting-edge of the Business-Critical Application Security market, addressing some of the most complex problems that organizations are currently facing while managing and securing their ERP landscapes. JP helps manage the development of new products as well as support the ERP cybersecurity research efforts that have garnered critical acclaim for the Onapsis Research Labs. Having identified and reported hundreds of vulnerabilities to SAP and Oracle, increasing the security and security functionality of ERP products, JP is regularly invited to speak and host trainings at global industry conferences including Black Hat, HackInTheBox, AppSec, Troopers, Oracle OpenWorld and SAP TechEd. JP has founded and is the co-chair of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud ERP Working Group that continuously releases research to help organizations secure their ERP applications. Over his professional career JP has led many Information Security consultancy projects for some of the world's biggest companies around the globe. His strongest experience is in the fields of penetration and web application testing, vulnerability research, information security auditing/standards from a cybersecurity perspective, and vulnerability research, security assessment, security architecture, cloud security and program management from an ERP cybersecurity perspective."

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    Ken Coleman

    American Red Cross

    Ken Coleman has been designing, implementing and managing Business Intelligence and Marketing Intelligence solutions since 2001 - helping business customers understand what happened, why it happened, and what could happen in their business through effective Data Analytics. As an expert at dimensional modelling he understands the art and science of architecture for data analytics. He has extensive experience integrating data into data warehouses from a multitude of functional sources including Financial, CRM, Campaign Automation, On-Line Stores and Learning Management.

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    Kevin Mccollom

    Global Vice President


    Kevin McCollom is Global Head of Market Strategy and the Center of Excellence, SAP Line-of-Business Finance and Risk (LoB F&R). He and his team are responsible for worldwide market and solution strategy for LoB F&R. Mr. McCollom is the SAP Executive Sponsor for numerous Strategic Customers and their global S4 Finance and GRC implementations. Mr. McCollom has been part of the SAP management team since 2005. Prior to assuming his role with SAP F&R, Mr. McCollom was responsible for developing SAP global automotive business strategy and directing its regional implementation in the Americas as a founding member of SAP’s Automotive Industry Business Unit, which he joined at its inception in 1997. Mr. McCollom has over 30 years of Enterprise software experience and has been with SAP since 1996. During that time, Kevin has held several strategic positions including: Head of SAP Automotive IBU Business Development, SAP Labs Global Solution Manager, SAP AG Global Product Manager, SAP AG Prior to his joining SAP, Mr. McCollom held several positions with Ford Motor Company in Manufacturing and Vehicle Assembly, including ownership of international compliance system and processes used by Ford and Visteon. Mr. McCollom is also the former CEO and co-founder of Revenue Analytics Incorporated, a Michigan-based consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and consulting to health-care institutions. He holds his degree in Information Technology, Summa Cum Laude, from Walsh University.

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    Manuel Pol Rios, Daniel Pulgaron

    Cyxtera and Z Option

    Manny is the IT Financial Systems Director at Cyxtera Technologies, where he brings value to the business by delivering enterprise solutions to complex business challenges. Prior to Cyxtera, Manny led the SAP support team at Spirit Airlines where he oversaw the delivery of SAP integrated solutions and overall SAP maintenance. Manny holds 15 years of experience in IT with a focus on SAP for the past 10 years. His holistic view of SAP delivers strategic approaches when evaluating and delivering solutions that need to integrate with SAP. Manny has built a rapport with key business leads as resources that bring value and deliver solutions while keeping the end-goals in mind. Danny is the VP Corporate Controller at Cyxtera, providing data center colocation and interconnectivity services from a footprint of 60 data centers around the world. He leads all corporate accounting functions and external financial reporting. Danny played a major role in the hiring and building of Cyxtera’s Accounting department and the implementation of all financial systems. Previously at Spirit Airlines as the Assistant Corporate Controller, he completed an SAP FICO implementation and successfully navigated the large accelerated filer through an IPO. Danny swears he had nothing to do the implementation of baggage fees. Danny attended the University of Florida and earned a Master’s in Accounting. He is also an avid Gator fan and an active runner and cyclist.

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    Jannie Affeld

    Director for Corporate Engineering


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    Regine Schimmer

    Communications Expert


    Regine Schimmer is a product manager for identity management and single sign-on solutions at SAP. She is responsible for information roll-out, project and event management, as well as knowledge transfer.

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    Sarah Fletcher, Solutions Architect, Serrala


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    Bill North, Vice President, Serrala


    Bill North is a Vice President of Sales North America for our FS2 and Alevate solutions for finance process automation. He is an engaging public speaker and thought leader in the areas of finance, treasury and payments. He has published several articles on these subjects and participated in multiple webinars and speaking engagements.

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    Saugata Ghosh


    Saugata is a director with PwC's SAP finance transformation practice. Currently, he is assisting clients in 'strategy through execution' of their digital finance transformation journey, enabled by SAP S/4HANA. He is also playing leadership role in the realm of PwC’s global initiative on integrated finance solutions leveraging next generation SAP platforms. He has served clients, including fortune 100, across industries like Hi-tech, Media, Consumer Products, and Power & Utilities. He has led variety of large-scale finance and IT transformation programs.

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    Steve Biskie


    Steve Biskie is a Director at RSM, where he leads the Center of Excellence for Risk Analytics & Automation and is one of RSM's SAP Champions. He has over 25 years of experience spanning all 3 Lines of Defense, and specializes in transforming inefficient and outdated processes and technologies to optimize GRC and audit performance. He has helped organizations from the middle-market to the Fortune 100 implement high-value, sustainable analytics and continuous monitoring programs. He has a passion for using technology to automate mundane, time-consuming tasks to allow organizations to re-focus attention on high-value, thoughtful, and data-informed analysis. Steve is a published author, an internationally-recognized speaker on risk and compliance-related topics, and a six-time IIA All-Star Speaker. He is the author of Surviving an SAP Audit, (SAP Press, 2010), and an expert reviewer for the book Security, Audit, and Control Features: SAP ERP (3rd & 4th Editions). Steve also teaches beginner through advanced SAP auditing courses through the MIS Training Institute, and has traveled to more than 14 countries to share his expertise.

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    Susan Zortea

    Global Governance Lead

    Jabil Circuit

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    Tammy Powlas

    SAP Mentor, Senior Business Analyst

    Fairfax Water

    Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG) volunteer and an SAP Mentor, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a certified Project Management Professional, with SAP certifications in BW, FI, CO, SEM. Top contributor to SAP Community from 2011 to 2016. Served on the SAP Mentors advisory board. SAP Community Moderator. ASUG SAP TechEd Design Team. Member of the SAP Community Reputation Advisory Board.

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    Tony Rogan

    Associate Director


    Mr. Rogan is an Associate Director at Accenture. He has 25 years of experience in SAP ERP implementations at global companies in a variety of industries. He has a finance and accounting background and has deep SAP expertise in the FI, CO, FERC, PS, and integrating applications with SAP solutions. For the past four years, Mr. Rogan has been working with SAP S/4HANA and heavily within Central Finance at one of the largest implementations of cFIN in the world.

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    Javier Turrubiartes


    Javier's current role is SAP GRC SME for Honeywell and i've been working with the company for the past 4 years. I'm resposible of providing advisory to our different business groups around the solutions which SAP GRC(AC/PC/RM) offers and support them throght the different implementation stages to integrate them as part of our Gorvernance Risk and Compliance program.We have sucesfully integrated different types of compliance initiatives in our GRC landscape, such as Payment Card Industry evaluations, Export Trade Compliance assessmentes, Internal IT Controls automations and other finance processes such as Balance Sheet ReviewsMy background includes over 9+ years with experience in the SAP Security area, and 6+ years with the different modules of SAP GRC.

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    Paul Ovigele

    Founder and CEO


    Paul Ovigele has worked as an SAP financials consultant since 1997 in both North America and Europe, specializing in implementing the Financial Accounting and Controlling modules along with their integrated areas for companies in the consumer goods, chemicals, logistics, pharmaceuticals, apparel, and entertainment industries. Paul has delivered numerous training sessions to finance professionals at both the functional and managerial levels and has presented at various SAP financials conferences around the world. Paul is the founder of the consulting platform ERPfixers, which provides on-demand SAP consulting expertise in various modules.

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    Dr. Heiko Hecht

    Chief Operating Officer


    Heiko started working with SAP software (FI-AA and FI/CO) in 1994. Heiko serves as a subject matter expert for Financial Accounting, Business Information Warehouse, System Upgrades, S/4HANA and Solution Documentation with SAP Solution Manager. Heiko has hands on experience in several functional areas and he helps customers to jumpstart S/4HANA projects and SAP Solution Manager projects with IBIS RBE Plus content and services.In January of 2007, Heiko was named to the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO), with responsibility for Financial and Administrative activities. Beginning in 2009 Heiko also served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for IBIS America LLC and in 2013 Heiko was named President of IBIS America LLC.Since January 2018 Heiko serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for IBIS America Inc.Heiko is responsible for the collaboration with SAP AG and the roll out of the SAP STAR+ program (System Transformation via Assessment & Realignment) worldwide. Heiko is part of the joint development team, presents and demos to SAP and SAP’s customers.Prior to joining IBIS America, Heiko worked 10 years for IBIS Prof Thome AG in Wuerzburg, Germany and was directly involved with the development of RBE Plus, SAP Solution Manager, ByD and other offerings of IBIS and its partners. Since 2004, Heiko has actively supported the rollout of RBE Plus for customers in US and Canada.

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    Christopher Aaron

    Senior Director


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    Bill Oliver


    Oliver Advisory Group

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    John Krakowski

    Information Technology Specialist


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    Vijan Patel, Director


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    Steve Apel, Director, Protiviti; Brittany Dyslin, Senior Manager, Protiviti; Peter Creal, Senior Director, SAP


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    Brittany Dyslin, Senior Manager


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    Steve Freeman

    Managing Director


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    John Froelich


    John Froelich is the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Bramasol. He has been a leading speaker on Revenue Recognition, Treasury and Digital Transformation at SAP Insider, SAP Sapphire and other venues. John brings over 30 years of experience in software, technology and strategy to bring a unique perspective on the issues and challenges facing CEO’s, CFO’s and organizations embarking on a Finance/Digital Transformation.

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    Kim Dowling


    Kimberley Dowling is the Director of Treasury for Bramasol where in partnership with SAP, she leads the Treasury practice with a focus on SAP S/4HANA. Kim has over 25 years’ experience working within corporate Treasury and Global Capital markets, and consulting for a wide range of global industries, including pharmaceuticals, energy, entertainment, chemicals, and manufacturing. She has expertise in finance, operations, regulatory compliance, mergers/acquisitions, and leading treasury and cash management implementations with a focus on integrated technology solutions and design.

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    John Froelich, Julio Dalla Costa, Carlo Maglinao and Shirish Khandekar


    John Froelich is the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Bramasol. He has been a leading speaker on Revenue Recognition, Treasury and Digital Transformation at SAP Insider, SAP Sapphire and other venues. John brings over 30 years of experience in software, technology and strategy to bring a unique perspective on the issues and challenges facing CEO’s, CFO’s and organizations embarking on a Finance/Digital Transformation.

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    Stephanie Miller

    VP, SAP S/4HANA Finance Center of Excellence


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