SAP S/4HANA CDS based queries and BW queries: two technologies revisited and compared

A large number of analytics related managers and developers are increasingly confronted with the question of how SAP S/4HANA Core Data Services query-based architectures can be compared from a feature perspective with BW Queries, which can be implemented using S/4HANA Embedded BW. This session introduces the topic fundamentally and provides insights from the perspective of BW development.

Participants will learn in the session:

- Which (virtual) data modeling artifacts are available on both sides, i.e. on the CDS side and on the Embedded BW side?
- How and, if applicable, with which applications can query definitions be generated on either side?
- How can CDS queries and BW queries be distinguished from each other on the feature side, where are overlaps and where differences?
- Which considerations and recommendations can support the choice of technology for a new analytics solution?

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