The journey from Strategy to an Analytics Algorithm : A Marketing Analytics example

Every Analytics algorithm that you use in your teams should tie to your Corporate strategy goals. However, very few resources currently clearly highlight how. Closing this link, in my mind, is one of the ingredients to the secret sauce to developing analytical products that will work, in a sustainable way (not a blip that goes off the radar soon).

In my perspective, analytics projects with this direct tie to corporate strategy are the ones that translate into permanent internal capability and strategic lever. Otherwise, initiatives that are kickstarted just because “they are doing it so we should do it as well” end up in the “also ran” category.

The slides attached below illustrate an example of that journey from strategy to analytics for Marketing analytics. Though the slides are high level , they are self explanatory and should help you understand how you can trace Corporate strategy all the way down- to the relevance of an analytical approach to corporate strategy.