Global Production planning with network inventory balancing and Improved Visibility Leveraging IBP

Webinar - Thursday May 13 at 11 AM ET

One of the key supply chain challenges for food & beverages companies is the limited shelf life of their products. The perishable nature of their products makes the need for inventory optimization much more prominent since unlike other industries, excess inventory means food & beverages companies incur costs beyond just the holding cost of inventory. The need to balance fill rate with working capital objectives becomes much more prominent. Supply chain leaders in these industries are frequently grappling with key questions like:

  • How to generate production plans based on global supply/demand netting?
  • What can be done to increasing planner adoption and decreasing false demand?
  • Can we maintain visibility to long term Distribution Requirements Plan (DRP)?
  • Is there a way to generate capacity plan on a simulated version to simulate multiple scenarios?
  • How do we get intra-campus inventory and in-transit inventory visibility for accurate supply planning?
  • How to get signals to deploy the correct available supply within network?

This webinar will provide supply chain leaders in food & beverages industry insights that they will be able to leverage in transforming their supply chain planning processes, while optimizing inventory levels. The webinar leverages a real-life case study of Tyson foods, one of the world’s largest food companies and a recognized leader in protein.

Tyson Foods implemented the SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution few years ago. , In collaboration with Infosys, Tyson Foods has been enhancing the solution in a quest for constant improvement in terms of supply chain effectiveness. Join this webinar and learn directly from Tyson Foods how you can provide much needed supply and demand visibility to enable planners to balance stock in the network without compromising on customer service.

Attendees of this webinar will get answers to key questions like:

  • How do we minimize false inventory?
  • How do we execute the design change without compromising core system design and integrity of data sources?
  • How do we increase planner adoption by easier navigation and data access?
  • What is the best way to avoid cost/time over-run executing a Planning project?
  • What are some of the key learnings and recommended practices for supply planning with SAP IBP?
  • What are some of the Different possible approaches for demand and supply netting, and criteria to select best possible approach with an eye on risk and effort parameters?
  • How to adopt an agile methodology in context of an IBP planning project?
  • What are some key metrics to measure project success such as customer service, inventory holding and planner efficiency?
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Leighton Long Sr Analyst Application, Tyson
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I started my career in 2015 on the SAP TM team. I worked there for 4 years, mainly on international logistics. After that I took a role on the supply chain team, focusing on IBP Supply. Since then I have facilitated all supply related projects including our “Global Production Planning” and our “Optimizer” projects to help Tyson grow on our supply planning journey.

Eric Simonson Director, Supply Chain Solution Management, SAP
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Eric has over 22 years of experience with SAP and currently leads Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for response and supply application, SAP's next generation cloud based planning solution. Eric works closely with customers, implementation partners, and internal SAP organizations and acts as their trusted advisor in defining the supply side planning capabilities and future functionality enhancements.

Mangesh Kakade Principal - Business Consulting , Infosys
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Mangesh has over 19 years of experience in Managing and leading end to end supply chain process improvement and SAP SCM transformation projects right  from strategy definition, solution roadmap, Solution architecture and design, and Program management. Mangesh is Principal-Business Consulting with expertise in supply chain processes for CPG, Hi-tech, Manufacturing and Biotech industry verticals

Prasun Mandal Principal, Infosys Consulting
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Prasun has over 15 Years of SAP Consulting and Program Management experience delivering SAP transformational programs and services for multiple large clients across geography. His focus is demand forecasting, supply planning, S&OP and analytics.