MIT Builds a Foundation for the Future

MIT Builds a Foundation for the Future

Institute Takes Next Steps with In-Memory and Cloud Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a pioneer in education and technology, is no stranger to the SAP world. Having been an SAP customer since 1996, MIT observed the increasingly prominent trend of on-premise systems moving to the cloud to reduce datacenter footprints and free up resources for more value-added development. Coupled with the need for a more consistent user experience (UX), MIT made the decision to “lift and shift” its on-premise SAP ERP instance to a managed cloud environment. See how MIT leveraged SAP solutions to:

  • Achieve seamless integration with core SAP, custom-built, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications
  • Design a more consistent user experience with SAP Fiori
  • Provide ability to build custom functionality on top of core code
  • Create a foundation for a predictive analytics framework with real-time SAP data

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