Migrating to Google Cloud with Minimal Risk and Disruption

September 21, 2021 @ 11:30 AM EST

Webinar On-Demand

Agility, cost and operational efficiency have made Google Cloud a destination of choice for running SAP. However, migrating these mission-critical systems to the cloud is no small feat. Complexity, size, customization and low downtime requirements can create potential roadblocks to a successful migration strategy if not handled properly.

Attend this webinar to discover the benefits of running SAP on Google Cloud and learn how to avoid common mistakes made during the migration. You’ll hear from Alex Noordergraaf, Director of Product Management, Virtustream, and Michael Harding, Partner Manager of SAP Strategy and Architecture, Google Cloud.

After attending the webinar, you will be able to:

  • Minimize business disruption by identifying common pitfalls during the SAP migration process
  • Simplify your journey to Google Cloud by understanding how to select the right people, processes and technology
  • Leverage the benefits of working better together with Virtustream and Google Cloud for your SAP migration


Alex Noordergraaf Director of Product Management, Virtustream
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Alex Noordergraaf is the Director of Product Management for Virtustream, responsible for productizing, launching and maintaining the SAP services and cloud solutions portfolio. Alex has worked in this role at Virtustream for 5 years, having previously worked for EMC for 5 years as a Senior Consultant Product Manager, handling cloud-based data protection relation solutions in the service provider team. He has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, and specializes in data center technologies, product development, and managing products throughout their entire life-cycle.

Michael Harding Partner Manager of SAP Strategy & Architecture, Google
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Michael Harding is the Partner Manager of SAP Strategy & Architecture for Google, responsible for driving value for the SAP Customer base on Google Cloud, leveraging GCP's extensive cloud service offerings alongside the vast Partner ecosystem.. Michael has worked in this role at Google for 2 years, having previously worked for Virtustream for 3 years as a Senior Director, Product Management and Dell Technologies for 6 years as a Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture, Applications & digital Strategy.