Video Q&A with Ofir Gil, CTO, APOS Systems on Importance of Seamless Data Connections

By Kumar Singh, Research Director,  Automation & Analytics, SAPinsider


The role of analytics in digital transformation can not be overstated.

While there are many cultural, organizational and numerous other aspects for analytics to take deep roots in any organization, the underlying data plays an extremely important role. One important aspect is obviously data quality and integrity. GIGO is a frequently used acronym in the analytics world. It stands for Garbage In-Garbage Out (GIGO). It does not matter if you designed the world’s best models, if your underlying data is bad. And that is what GIGO stands for.

Data integration is another key foundational requirement and we have discussed that in several SAPinsider articles and webinars and shared insights on tools and technologies that can help eliminate data silos.

However, the reality is that data sources are still fragmented in most organizations and hence when organizations invest in best of breed analytics tools like SAP Analytics Cloud, one of their pain points is data connectivity. Providing data from all sources to drive the analytics process becomes the key to success for organizations. And if this seamless connection to data sources is not in place, this one pain point can lead to multiple challenges.

SAPinsider recently had the opportunity to discuss the importance of data connectivity, the challenges organizations face in this area and the imperative to invest in data connection gateways with Ofir Gil, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of  APOS systems.

Watch the entire discussion here: