Impacts of COVID-19 Reveal Opportunity for SAP Migration

How the pandemic proves the value of moving your SAP environment to the cloud

In this blog, the author explores limitations of on-premise ERP installations and the many benefits of moving to the cloud, including the opportunity to scale the capacity of your IT environment up or down as the situation dictates.
Read this blog to learn:
• How the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed costly limitations of on-premise ERP installations;
• The value of merging or divesting into the cloud; and
• Steps for businesses to take to ensure they’re ready to undergo a cloud transformation.

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Dr. Steele G. Arbeeny CTO, SNP Group
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Dr. Steele G. Arbeeny is CTO of SNP Group and the architect of numerous mission-critical systems across numerous industries including  technology, financial services, oil and gas, healthcare, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. He is a patent holder and a member of the IEEE and ACM. Arbeeny has a PhD in computer engineering from Rutgers University.