How to Integrate Labeling with SAP to Boost Efficiency - Webinar

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Presenters: Ken Allen from Loftware & Andeas from Ehlers Merck

Labeling across the globe can be complex, especially if you have over 350,000 products with sites across the globe. In this webinar, which aired on 11 November, 2020, Andreas Ehlers, Head of Digital Transformation & Hazard Communication at Merck KGaH discusses how they standardized and centralized labeling with certified integration from SAP to get control of their 32 million labels.

By watching this webinar you will learn how they:

  • Reduced costs and resources by 30% required to manage labeling process while boosting labeling efficiency by 25%
  • Minimized or eliminated 3 independent labeling systems in their organization
  • Consolidated various data sources, including non-SAP sources, onto their labels
  • Standardized on one global enterprise labeling system
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