How GSK slashed SAP label printing time by 98% for Pharma, Consumer and Vaccine products

Webinar - On-Demand

As GSK, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, races to deploy vaccines on a global scale, the issue of label print speed, data management, and control has never been more critical.

With over 26 different labeling solutions and 40 manufacturing sites worldwide, GSK had no centralized control of its labeling, resulting in data siloes, compliance risk, and cumbersome processes for label design and changes. Working with Loftware, GSK has transformed its labeling processes, integrating labeling with SAP, and delivering centralized, automated labeling across its global landscape.

Watch the webinar to find out how GSK united label data processes with an SAP-certified Enterprise Labelling Solution to:

• Reduce label print times to just seconds with centralized and automated labeling
• Drive labeling directly from SAP ECC globally across 40 manufacturing sites and over 3500 label printers
• Achieve a 75% reduction in label design time
• Deliver a 66% reduction in label design costs