From Oil & Gas to an Integrated Energy Conglomerate

Motor Oil Group has transformation built into its DNA. Since its founding in 1970, the Group has been best known as an oil and gas manufacturer with the second largest refinery in Europe and distribution to large industrial and commercial customers. Today, the Group’s profile encompasses much greater diversity, including investments in solar and wind, direct-to-consumer electricity and natural gas solutions, media and trading businesses, exports to more than 45 countries, and more than 1,300 petrol convenience stations in the eastern Mediterranean region. Nikos Giannakakis — the company’s first chief information officer (CIO) and member of the executive management team — has been both leader and learner, contributor, and digital culture maker. His mandate: help transform the Group’s current operations, focus on a better customer experience, and embed digital DNA in what was a traditional oil and gas business. Read the full story about how Motor Oil transformed from an oil and gas company to an integrated energy conglomerate.