Michael Welter

Michael Welter founded Ark Analytic Solutions in 2019 in order to create a consulting firm that wasn’t focused on any one technology, but is focused on BI solutions, regardless of the technology. Prior to that, Michael had worked as a consultant for Tableau, Teradata, Idhasoft, and Westbay Solutions Group. Before becoming a consultant, Michael spent 10+ years at Verizon Wireless where he championed and implemented a new BusinessObjects environment. He has direct and extensive experience with all facets of the BusinessObjects platform and associated toolsets in all versions from 5.x through the current standard BI 4.x. Michael currently holds multiple BusinessObjects Professional certifications (BOCP). He is also a Certified Instructor and has taught classes in BusinessObjects Administration, Web Intelligence, and other tools. Going further, Michael is a recognized guru in the BusinessObjects space and regularly presents at several major BO-related conferences and forums. Finally, Michael was a charter member and active moderator for the BusinessObjects Board (“BOB”) forum – a global user community that allowed users to exchange ideas and questions online.

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