Martin Rowan

Martin Rowan is the Managing Partner with Reveal and his passion is to help companies leverage their current technology investment to optimize their integrated, extended supply chains to achieve a world class status.  His 20+ years’ experience covers a wide variety of industries across multiple countries with specific focus on driving transformational change within the organization and their core value chain. He is very active in local and international “give-back” programs that have helped hundreds of abused, abandoned and dangerously neglected children. Martin speaks frequently at user group meetings and conferences typically on topics around the importance of an optimized ERP. For the last few years he has spoken in Spain, France, Germany, South Africa, Austria, Sweden, UK, Australia and USA. He has helped transform some phenomenal organizations across the globe, such as; US Navy, Campbells Soup, Carlisle, HD Supply, Ryerson Steel, BMW, Toyota, General Motors, Mittal Steel, Sanyo, Insight and Asics, to name a few.

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