Jonathan Wingerd

Jon Wingerd is a director in SAP America’s Chief Customer Office. The Chief Customer Office’s mission is to help customers achieve success, utilize their shelf ware, and leverage new innovations, which ultimately lead to a great customer reference. Jon also works as an SAP S/4HANA and Analytics Ambassador, one of the programs within the Chief Customer Office. The SAP S/4HANA and Analytics Ambassador program is responsible for the successful deployment and adoption of SAP HANA solutions with the company’s most strategic North American customers. The team provides oversight, governance, best practices, and lessons learned for effective SAP HANA implementations, resulting in successful customer projects and referenceable SAP HANA customers. Over the last 9 years, the team has helped more than 1400 customers go-live and share their SAP HANA success stories. Jon has been working as an SAP HANA Ambassador for the last 7 years, and has worked at SAP since 1996.

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