Dennis Velázquez

Sr. Director – SAP on Azure for the Americas Global Black Belt (GBB) Team A Microsoft veteran with over 20 years of Engineering and Sales experience in Retail, Manufacturing, Power and Pharmaceutical industries.  Prior to Microsoft, he gained experienced in sales, business, and product management with Westinghouse and Rockwell Automation.   Dennis has experience, and served as the worldwide lead, in the areas of compliance and information risk assessments for Microsoft Azure and cloud computing.  He defined the first models inside Microsoft to help explain Hyper-scale cloud computing to customer, Sales team, Leadership, and partners.  He has over 9 years working with customers and partners to define their Journey to the cloud, with the last 8 years focused on SAP workloads moved to the cloud.  His experience in the development and management of multiple disciplines, including developers, engineering, account sales and product marketing, contributed to earning him recognition as a 2006 Microsoft Circle of Excellence Winner for outstanding performance and customer focus. In his spare time, he enjoys his family with five (5) children and his passion and hobby of being a private pilot. He has served in the Civil Air Patrol and he loves his Italian and Puerto Rican culture/food along with the Latin and Jazz Music genres.

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