Chris Walravens

Chris, a partner at Expertum since 2017, has been an SAP security and GRC consultant, an IT auditor at EY, and a Certified Information Systems Auditor. Combining technical SAP skills with extensive audit, internal controls, and business process knowledge allows him to design, implement, and support logical access architectures adapted to businesses and SAP landscapes, while allowing Chris to set up adequate monitoring and auditing procedures using state-of-the-art GRC applications on the market. Chris understands security business requirements, translates them into transparent authorizations setups, and integrates audit and compliance requirements and internal controls principles into an overall security and internal controls architecture. Besides being an expert consultant in SAP authorizations, Chris performed GRC management ranging from overall project management, people management, and manpower planning to customer and partner relationships, sales & marketing activities, coordination of R&D activities, and providing subject matter expertise on running projects.

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