By Rizal Ahmed, Chief Content Officer – SAPinsider

A common mistake made by many CIOs and other executives when trying to drive their transformation projects is that they try to implement too much too soon without getting enough support from their teams and line of business stakeholders. Change is hard, and if you only try to force it from the top, you will not be able to build sustainable results. This video Q&A shares important insights from the transformation of one of Germany’s most prominent financial organizations and their multi-year project. Understand how Deutsche Börse is prioritizing innovation within its core processes starting with basic functions such as billing and travel and expense before moving to customer facing and more complex initiatives. Learn the mix of SAP and other cloud -based solutions Deutsche Börse is relying on and how it is planning a complete renovation of its existing infrastructure. The key is turning your innovation initiatives from push to pull, and that’s exactly what Lars was able to achieve at Deutsche Börse. Watch the video and:

  • Learn how Deutsche Börse is gaining support for innovation by starting with smaller process based transformation with quicker ROI.
  • Discover how the company is transforming its user journeys and changing the experiences of its customers and employees
  • See how Deutsche Börse factors in risk and compliance when selecting innovation projects
  • Understand how the company evaluates cloud solutions and what value cloud drives to process standardization, cost reduction, and time to innovation.

To hear more from Lars on his transformation project, attend our special Executive Forum virtual event, “The CIO’s 2021 Agenda for SAP and Innovation,” that will be held March 19th. We’ll be sharing more details in the coming days.