Welcome to SAPinsider’s annual call for papers!

We want to know if you’ve had an SAP technology journey experience that could help guide your peers facing similar challenges, or did you master a process or discover best practices around implanting a new product – then we enthusiastically encourage you to amplify your voice as an expert with SAPinsider!

As an SAP professional, we invite you to share your insights with the SAPinsider community by becoming an expert contributor. We currently have opportunities to speak at our events, contribute to stories, and research surveys and are looking for coverage.

Topic areas:

  • Financial Management
  • ERP Platform & Infrastructure
  • Application Development & Integration
  • IT Operations & Administration
  • Data & Analytics
  • GRC
  • Cybersecurity
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Capital Management
  • Customer Experience

To help you write an effective abstract, please view our help guide here.

We are actively seeking speakers for the following programs:

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