Security in SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori and their impact on GRC/IAG

Migrating to SAP S/4HANA and implementing SAP Fiori can impact your GRC/IAG ruleset and your SAP roles – but to what extent? Attend this session to gain an understanding of the differences between ECC and SAP S/4HANA and to dive deep into the changed data model of SAP S/4HANA and the new authorization layers introduced by SAP Fiori.

You will:

  • Learn about the changes to the data model and simplifications
  • Get an overview of SAP Fiori security
  • Understand the steps that are required to migrate an existing security concept
  • Gather insights that are needed to understand the impact on GRC/IAG
  • See a best-practice approach with SAP recommended tools to automate and simplify the migration and implementation


Alessandro Banzer Xiting
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Alessandro has worked in the field of IT since 2004, specializing in SAP in 2009 and working on global SAP projects in various roles since that date. Alessandro is an active contributor and moderator in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance space on SAP SCN. Alessandro is in charge of Xiting's operations in the United States and a subject matter expert in SAP Access Control, SAP Cloud IAG, and SAP Security.