Panel Discussion: Customer Experiences with Cybersecurity

All SAP customers have solutions in place that they can use for securing their SAP systems. This typically involves SAP Solution Manager as that is used by most organizations for maintenance and patch deployment but may also include other SAP and non-SAP tools that have different roles and capabilities. This panel will allow attendees to understand how they can maximize the value of the security tools that they already have in place to protect their SAP systems. From logging options to how to the benefits of connectivity choices more physical security measures, hear from experts the steps that they have performed to provide more effective security without the need for additional investment.

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Wilder Latino Jabil
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Wilder Latino is a certified SAP security expert with more than 20 years of SAP Cyber security experience. As the SAP Cyber Security Architect at Jabil, he is responsible for the SAP’s overall security strategy by providing solutions through the establishment of vulnerability management, threat detection and incident response to constantly changing threats. His main goal is to ensure that Jabil’s SAP environment is protected from exploitable vulnerabilities by evaluating, protecting and detecting such threats.

Robert Holland
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Robert is SAPinsider's Vice President and Research Director and leads the research and content development for the ERP, Platform, Technology, and Security topics. Robert has been working in the SAP ecosystem for more than fourteen years, and has written more than a dozen research reports since joining SAPinsider. In that time he has engaged with customers and vendors through event sessions and webinars to understand their technology and challenges, and helped tell stories that are important to the SAPinsider community. Follow Robert on LinkedIn and Twitter for more ERP, Technology, and Security insights.

Joseph Hall Lyondell Chemical Company
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Joseph is a Security Architect for Lyondell Basell, one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world. His focus is on securing key applications, including SAP, against cybersecurity risks. Before joining the Cybersecurity group in 2020, Joseph was a SAP Basis administrator for over 20 years. He holds a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP) certification from ISC2, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from The University of Texas, and a Master of Liberal Arts in Information Management Systems from Harvard Extension School.