Integrating SAP Systems with the Factory Floor

Many factory owners cannot easily access the data in their operational technology (OT) assets on the factory floor because OT equipment communicates in many proprietary protocols that prevent these assets from exchanging data with each other, let alone an information technology (IT) system such as SAP HANA. If they could access this data, they could then use the data to improve operations on the factory floor with quality control, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and many other IIoT applications. This research-based session will provide specific insights about IT/OT integration drivers and challenges for SAP customers, as well as the strategic actions that SAP customers should take to build a solid foundation for their Industry 4.0 transformations.

Attend this session to:

- Understand how this integration can drive top and bottom line growth for manufacturers.
- Discover how leaders respond differently to market drivers to improve productivity and manufacturing performance.
- Learn how to develop technical and business strategies around IT/OT integration.
- Familiarize yourself with the types of solutions that can solve the business case for integration with the factory floor.

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