How to prioritize security measures to avoid an SAP data breach

With the increasing number of Cyberattacks in different forms, organizations need to avoid the high cost and significant business impact of a potential SAP data breach. Traditional network security does not provide adequate protection of the data in your SAP systems against insider and outsider attacks. In this session, John Mortimer, Security Consultant at CyberSafe, will discuss examples of data breaches, ways to avoid the attacks, introduce products and tools available to reduce the risk of a data breach, and show a product demonstration which highlights how to avoid a data breach using strong user authentication.

Attend this session to learn how to:

  • Assess the risk of an insider attack for the SAP system landscape in your organization.
  • Identify the weakest links and prioritize security measures to avoid them.
  • Implement strong user authentication for users with access to high-risk data in your SAP systems.

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John Mortimer CyberSafe Limited
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John Mortimer is a Security Consultant at CyberSafe Limited. John has over 20 years’ experience working with multi-national organizations helping address their enterprise software needs. For the last ten years, John has been helping organizations who are using SAP products, and needing to improve security, often to meet compliance requirements, and utilizing appropriate user authentication (SSO and 2FA/MFA), identity and access management, and secure data transfer.