Creating and deploying automated controls in SAP Process Control

Are you taking full advantage of your SAP Process Control investment with automation? Attend this session to learn how to configure continuous control monitoring in SAP Process Control. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Define and test data sources to retrieve data from source systems using common sub-scenarios (reports, tables, queries, and so on)
  • Define business rules using those data sources to set up exception criteria to narrow the results
  • Return results based upon value or change log checks
  • Control data returned based upon analysis type, field selection, filters, and more
  • Automatically categorize result lines based upon deficiency definitions
  • Understand technical settings and when to consider using calculations, aggregation, and BRF+ functions
  • Assign business rules to controls and schedule them to run automatically


James Chiu SAP
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James Chiu (CPA, CISSP) is the solution owner of SAP Audit Management, Process Control, and Risk Management, responsible for solution and product direction and go-to-market activities. He has been involved with audit, risk, and compliance management and software at professional services firms and SAP for over 20 years and has worked closely with customers in a variety of geographies and industries