Case Study How The Goodyear Tire And Rubber Company Utilizes SAP Access Control, Manages Multiple Rulesets, And Eases The Mitigation Process To Keep Sod Co

Learn how The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company utilizes multiple rulesets to validate ruleset changes in production without impacting the global ruleset. Take a deep dive and see how the company maintains a second simulation ruleset to perform risk analysis against production users and review how Goodyear uses Multi Step Multi Process to pass all access control requests with a risk to a different path, allowing role owners to approve requests despite risks. Finally, see how Goodyear tracks the progress of mitigation requests utilizing GRC tables. Attend this session to:
• Learn how Goodyear added and maintains a second ruleset in production without impacting the current risk analysis process
• See how the company uses SPRO settings to utilize the second ruleset for simulation risk analysis only
• Hear how Goodyear maintains ruleset changes throughout the SAP landscape
• Understand how the mitigation submission process works
• Examine tables used in the mitigation process and how to use the data in those tables to determine mitigation status

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