Building a Modern, Digital Tax Strategy for the Enterprise

Building a Modern, Digital Tax Strategy for the Enterprise

Companies managing disparate, outdated, and/or on-premise tax solutions face a high total cost of ownership due to the demands of an increasingly complex regulatory landscape driven by the digital transformation of governments worldwide. A key strategy to reduce total cost of ownership and increase scalability for future growth is to centralize tax solutions using cloud technology. This creates more efficient and effective processes, allowing IT teams to focus on other important projects. What would a centralized approach mean for your business? How does your company’s cloud strategy impact your bottom line? How can you get to a better end state?

After attending this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Implement a cohesive strategy between IT and Tax for automating tax management
  • Create a more scalable environment through a centralized approach to tax
  • Reduce the IT footprint required to manage the compliance process

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