Enterprise Data and Analytics State of the Market Benchmark Webinar

Organizations in today’s digital age face a set of challenges that they have never experienced before. As commoditization of technology continuously lowers barriers to entry across industries, incumbents are being disrupted by players that are smaller, nimble, and agile. New business models, products and services are being launched on a daily basis by new entrants, forcing incumbent organizations to look for new ways to create competitive advantages and differentiators. Data and analytics have become prominent tools among many that organizations plan to leverage to manage the new realities better.

Attend the webinar to:

  • Discover what drives the focus on data and analytics.
  • Understand how SAPinsiders meet their data and analytics drivers.
  • Find out which specific capabilities they plan to build, and how they plan to build those capabilities.
  • Learn the top requirements for data and analytics.
  • Gain your steps to success.

Attend the Webinar