Enhance Security With Single Sign-On Everywhere

Enhance Security With Single Sign-On Everywhere

Learn how to maximize security and user productivity with SAP Single Sign-On in on-premise landscapes and the SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication service for cloud environments. Get detailed insights into the available technologies, such as Kerberos, X.509 certificates, and SAML, including their benefits and limitations. Walk away with instructions on how to set up the most efficient single sign-on (SSO) infrastructure in your organization, as you explore:
• How SSO can boost user productivity as well as security in an organization
• The different technologies that are available for SSO, on premise and in the cloud
• How to evaluate SSO technologies and choose the one that best matches your company’s requirements
• Different SSO scenarios in action, and recommendations on how to implement them
• Tips on advanced topics, such as risk-based authentication or mobile SSO

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