Eli Lilly and Company Shares Key Technical Tips for Supporting SAP Process Control Effectively

Now that you’re live on SAP Process Control, learn from Eli Lilly and Company about many of the key tables and reports that have helped the organization support its system effectively. This session provides a deeper dive into the technical details of Lilly’s use of SAP Process Control, with an emphasis on the technical support building blocks that have helped the business run smoothly.
Attendees will:
- Learn the key standard and custom reports that can save time and effort when troubleshooting everyday problems
- Discover how to develop custom queries and provide those to end users via SAP Business Client
- Take home examples of key tables used to create custom reports
- Learn how Lilly is moving data to SAP HANA to enable better report creation

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Abhishek Rajput Lilly Corporate
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Abhishek has worked for Lilly over the last 14 years in SAP Security and Controls area. He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor. He implemented SAP Process Control in 2014. Initially he went live with master data and CCM. Since then he has increased the adoption of PC across different functional towers. In addition to master data and CCM with adobe, he is now using PC for Manual Control Performance, Disclosure Survey, and Control Design Assessment. He is looking forward to sharing learnings with PC focused more on the technical tools that help run the daily operations effectively.