DevOps Is Coming To Your SAP Team: Three Steps To Take Before It Arrives!

If your organization is like most, you have a dedicated IT team just for responding to break-fix and small enhancement requests made by your SAP users. The author of this article explains how applying DevOps to your SAP change control process can improve time to market and add formality and structure to incoming requests. This article provides specific action steps that SAP team leads can take to prepare for the arrival of DevOps for SAP post-cutover support.

Read this article and learn:
- What SAP functionality experts and DevOps experts have in common (perhaps more than you think!);
- Why DevOps is considered “victory by 1,000 small cures”; and
- Four aspects of your SAP change control process that warrant a change such as DevOps.

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Kurt Goldsmith SAP Solutions Director, Tata Consultancy Services
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Kurt Goldsmith is an SAP Solutions Director for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). 25 years, and 18 sites, Kurt specializes in clients with highly aggressive project needs in regards to functionality, timeline, or budget complexity. Relentlessly in pursuit of SAP simplification, he co-created in 2002 with Wellesley Information Services (WIS) a condensed format SAP Education concept that became the SAP Financials Expert monthly newsletter. An MBA graduate (University of Texas at Austin), Kurt in his spare time enjoys proving repetitively that it is impossible to win at wagering on thoroughbred horse races.  You can reach Kurt at