ConAgra Foods Innovates Its SAP Menu

ConAgra Foods Innovates Its SAP Menu

SAP S/4HANA offers enterprises tremendous potential to go beyond performance and simplicity and deliver significant business value as part of an enterprise-wide digital transformation, but this approach must be understood, considered and incorporated into

by SAP and Partners SAPinsider - 2006 (Volume 7), January (Issue 1)
by SAP and Partners SAPinsider - 2006 (Volume 7), January (Issue 1)
With Colgate-Palmolive increasingly sharing IT project resources around the world, they set out to improve the way they plan, monitor, and measure global IT resources and turned to an SAP application that enables companies to inventory and track resources, skills, and budgets. The result: improved project planning, management, and reporting as well as reduced IT support costs.
Even with its substantial environmental footprint, The Coca-Cola Company is leading the charge around creating more sustainable business processes. What lessons can the rest of us glean from this experience? Jeff Seabright, Coca-Cola’s VP of Environment and Water Resources, answers this question with seven pieces of advice.
When a South African retail chain, Pick n Pay, felt hindered by insufficient legacy systems, it decided to roll out a full ERP system. This profile highlights the company’s impressive IT modernization project — from building a solution around SAP for Retail to improving performance to learning important project management lessons.
Now managing 40 branded hotels, Stonebridge Companies was fortunate to experience growth — but it also faced challenges in managing that growth. Nasim Mansurov, Vice President of IT at Stonebridge, discusses the company’s search for an ERP system and the back-end process improvements it has seen post-implementation.
With more than 180,000 employees and even more data, Accenture faced a challenge: it needed to securely support its employees with accurate, real-time information. Uncover how the company’s ERP Delivery team met this challenge by building a suite of self-service web applications — and what they learned along the way.
ConAgra Foods made the decision to start consolidating its technology years ago — and today its R&D, financial, order management, IT services, data center, and supply chain management operations all run in the same SAP system landscape. So what benefits is ConAgra Foods reaping by moving to a “single version of the truth?” Find out in this deep-dive case study.

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