Case Study Tips Tricks And Best Practices – Take Home

Case Study Tips Tricks And Best Practices – Take Home

Gain practical advice from the American Red Cross on how to build semantic layers to support complex reports, dashboards, and structured Big Data. Based on real-world lessons using the information design tool (IDT) to create universes for its deployment of self-service BI to a portion of its 6,000 users nationwide, attendees will:
• Learn how and why to create fact tables from dimension tables, and to build derived dimension tables within the IDT tool when there is no equivalent table that exists in the data source
• Gain insight into when and how to use the IDT tool as the semantic layer for SAP HANA data sources
• Discover techniques for creating “smart measures” and coding useful custom conditions in the IDT business layer
• Be presented with a methodology that uses the concepts of “shared and private dimensions” and “area of analysis” to simplify the business layer for self-service BI users
• Obtain use cases for using the IDT projection function feature
Take home a useful document containing sample code demonstrated during the session.

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