Case Study – Shell’S SAP Analytics Cloud Journey

Case Study – Shell’S SAP Analytics Cloud Journey

Attend this session to understand why Shell started looking into SAP Analytics Cloud, how use cases within the organisation where SAP Analytics Cloud adds value were identified, and what role SAP Analytics Cloud plays in the overall Shell SAP BI architecture. Understand how SAP Analytics Cloud is different from SAP’s classic SAP BusinessObjects BI tools. Come away with key factors to consider in your own SAP Analytics Cloud deployment. You will explore:

- Considerations for using SAP Analytics Cloud and which use cases are ideal to start with
- Learnings on the integration capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP solutions like SAP HANA, SAP BW, and SAP S/4HANA Cloud
- Necessary updates to facilitate a governance model around the usage of SAP Analytics Cloud, including adapting internal design authority guidelines and rules
- Roadmap plans for leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud within Shell including predictive analytics, data write back, and planning

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