Case Study Landscape Automation At Salt River Project

Case Study Landscape Automation At Salt River Project

Learn how Salt River Project (SRP), one of the nation’s largest public power utilities providing electricity to roughly 1 million customers in a 2,900-square-mile service area, deployed and leveraged SAP Landscape Management to automate repetitive, day-to-day tasks that previously tied up its IT personnel for days. Plus, hear about new functionality it uses to improve monitoring and administration, see the impressive results to date, and delve into future plans. Attend to explore:
• Steps taken to install and configure SAP Landscape Management for post copy automation
• Functionality SRP utilizes such as tailored task lists to fit the needs of individual systems, mass scheduling that saves time and reduces manpower obligations, and process automation to drastically reduce system copy procedures, and much more
• Statistical improvements and results to date
• Future road map possibilities using SAP Landscape Management at SRP

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