Case Study How Honeywell Leverages SAP GRC Solutions To Manage The Sox Cycle Process

Honeywell, an American multinational industrial company, has implemented SAP GRC solutions, including SAP Process Control for risk, compliance, and policy management, across different business groups. Learn how the company uses SAP GRC to manage the annual SOX cycle process and provide actionable insights about the SOX cycle program. Attend to get an overview of the SOX cycle process and get a firsthand look from Honeywell:
• How the company manages different phases of the SOX cycle process using SAP GRC, such as SOX process documentation, ruleset refresh, control self-assessments, and critical controls like balance sheet review
• How the company transformed different reports available in SAP GRC to provide better actionable insights about the SOX program to senior executives
• Key considerations, best practices, and challenges the company faced and overcame

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