Case Study: Financial reporting and planning with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and SimpleFi’s prepackaged FP&A content

Read the case study to discover how to overcome reporting and analytical challenges and gain insights for success.

The Company had just completed an implementation of SAP S/4HANA, which also included a reporting model in SAC. They quickly discovered that the dimension structures their previous consultants had used in the design and build of their SAC models did not easily facilitate reporting and profitability analysis in a way that was useful and meaningful, so they began resorting to dumping the data from S/4 into excel and grouping it manually.

They instead needed a solution that utilized a functional P&L structure that would mirror the way their business was organized and managed, otherwise all the benefits of SAC (one source of the truth, dynamic reporting and visualizations) would be for naught.

To address and fix the gaps in their current capabilities, the Company decided that SimpleFi’s prebuilt content contained exactly what they needed to simultaneously minimize the costs and reduce the time needed to reimplement a capable solution. After 6 weeks the Company had completed UAT and was happy with the delivered solution as well as all the functional knowledge they had learned from the experts at SimpleFi along the way.

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