Case Study Creating Data Buy-In And A Single Version Of Truth

Learn how National Vision, one of the largest optical retailers in the United States operating 1,000 retail locations, established enterprise-wide best practices for developing common core measures, and successfully implemented a core metrics infrastructure and governance that feeds all business reporting and analytics. Learn firsthand from the planning, rollout, and ongoing strategy and maintenance which provides a single version of truth to users across the business. Find out how National Vision:
• Collected core measures across the company and now maintains a mart of aggregated data which has become a core to business reporting and analysis
• Created central data repositories and pre-aggregated and defined key metrics to be used across the business
• Established buy-in and reliance on the data by having a single truth to core business questions
• Recognized the critical role of people, process, and technology to ensure successful adoption of the core measures
• Maintains the program to keep adoption rates high

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