Rainforest Connection to Use Predictive Analysis to Fight Deforestation and Protect the Global Environment

Non-Profit Tech Startup Enhances Real-Time Detection System with SAP Cloud Platform to Pinpoint Illegal Logging Before It Happens

Deforestation is devastating to Earth’s rainforests, and to the planet as a whole — it creates more of an impact on climate change than the emissions of planes, trains, cars, trucks, and ships combined, according to a study. With 90% of rainforest logging being done illegally, a massive opportunity opened up for Rainforest Connection, a non-profit organization focused on using technology to combat deforestation. Rainforest Connection teamed up with SAP to analyze data collected by recycled cell phones that monitored the sounds of the rainforest not only to identify illegal logging as it was happening, but even predict where a tree could be cut illegally ahead of time, allowing rangers to stop the activity and prevent future deforestation.  

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