Nexeo Solutions’ Data Archiving Strategy Ensures Security and Improves Performance

Distributor’s Phased Approach Lowers TCO of SAP Systems and Sets Groundwork to Absorb Future Growth

Nexeo Solutions – worldwide distributor of chemicals, plastics, and environmental services – needed to ensure reliable and timely same-day or next-day deliveries to roughly 28,000 customers worldwide after divesting from its parent company in 2011. To continue creating and tracking purchase orders in the most efficient and effective manner, Nexeo Solutions underwent a phased data management journey over the course of several years. The first phase involved copying the parent company’s SAP ERP system and securing non-proprietary customer, supplier, and material data by scrambling that data; while the second phase consisted of archiving data to improve performance and lower the total cost of ownership of SAP systems. Learn how Nexeo Solutions methodically removed scrambled data that cluttered screens improving performance of key user transactions, by carving 171 company codes, 147 sales organizations, one manufacturing plant, nine purchasing organizations, and two bills of material out of the system.

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