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Candid Conversations with SAP Execs and Thought Leaders at SAPinsider's BI, HANA, and IoT 2016 events

With 175 sessions, 84 speakers, and 200 hours of education, it is safe to say that the February, 2016, SAPinsider’s BI, HANA, and IoT 2016 events in Las Vegas delivered some compelling content  for professionals who use and support SAP BusinessObjects BI, SAP BW, and analytics solutions.

For the roughly 1,000 attendees representing more than 160 companies, four busy days of absorbing SAP knowledge began with a keynote from Irfan Khan, CTO, Global Customer Operations, SAP, aptly titled “The Digital Imperative” where he laid out the SAP vision for the digital enterprise and how analytics, the SAP HANA platform, cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will all play a crucial role in enabling organizations to go digital.

To capture more insights on the importance of embracing the digital imperative, SAPinsider Studio invited a host of SAP thought leaders, event speakers, and consultants to record short videos where they shared their expertise on a wide range of topics including SAP Cloud for Analytics, the release of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.2, the SAP Digital Boardroom, SAP Predictive Analytics, and data quality for the digital enterprise.

Here are transcript snippets and links to a few of our favorites from the event. A link to the video page where you can find every video recorded from the events is below.

The Evolution of SAP HANA, Cloud for Analytics, and SAP’s Acquisition of Roambi


“If we take the combined assets of what Roambi brings to SAP, the domain expertise, the fantastic capabilities that they build out in user experience, and you combine that with what we have already it’s going to be a fantastic offering for our customers – Irfan Khan, CTO, Global Customer Operations, SAP


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SAP Cloud for Analytics, Extraterrestrial Tracking, and Exploratory Analytics

“More sophisticated users ….  aren’t satisfied with just seeing answers to their questions that are already available in a dashboard or report. They’re curious, inquisitive, and they want to go out and do more analysis and investigation. So this is exactly one of the reasons why data discovery has come into the fore. That experience in Cloud for Analytics is very much at the center of it.”  – Ty Miller, Vice President, Product Management, SAP Analytics



A Changing Definition of Business Intelligence (BI)

“Data management strategies are complemented nicely by technology today. I can put together strategies that balance large volumes of data in the speed in which users want to consume it, and in the way they want to visualize it – in smart ways, not just I’m going to start a report and go to lunch and hope it’s finished by the time I get back.” – Eric Vallo, Founder and CEO, EV Technologies and an SAP Mentor


BI-HANA2016 Eric Vallo and Dallas Marks
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Agile Analytics and the Enterprise Data Warehouse

“With the performance of an in-memory database, you don’t need to pre-build indexes, you don’t need to materialized views, you don’t need to create cubes, aggregates, and so on.  You can go straight to the atomic data, crunch that data and get your answer. That is the vision: one copy of the data, working on atomic data, and zero latency because you’re using the same data for both analytics and transactions. And that’s the modern data warehouse.” – Neil McGovern, Senior Director, Product Marketing, SAP Data Warehousing




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