A Look into the Ultimate Online Selection Directory

ERP News (www.erpnews.com) is excited to announce that the ultimate online ERP Selection Directory 2017 is live! ERP Selection Directory (www.erpselectiondirectory.com) is an unbiased, formative and unique platform where you can search for ERP vendors and related application partners just by entering the location or industry information.

Deploying an ERP system is an expensive process and for this reason selection of an ERP vendor or an implementation partner can be very dazzling to organizations. At this point, decision makers and IT professionals seek for a trustworthy guide to make the right choice.  If you are looking for an ERP system or an implementation partner that best fits your organization’s needs, you can use the comprehensive list of ERP software vendors and partners of ERP Selection Directory to make the right decision for tomorrow.

ERP Selection Directory is an on-going online directory where every company has its own page that contains the company profile, locations and industries that the company is present, contact details, online demo link, price request link and an up to date ERP selection road map. It’s an easy to use portal where you can fill out an online form to register your company for FREE to be included in the list of ERP Vendors and Partners.

By registering to ERP Selection Directory 2017, your company will become visible to all IT professionals and decision makers in the world. Discover your privileges now!

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